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Astoria Tax Service is a local and reliable full service tax adviser. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of individual and small business tax payers. Astoria Tax Service was founded in 2010, by Jerry Chin Enrolled Agent, to help the independent workers and entrepreneurs of his community: Queens, New York. Our first clients just were not comfortable with the accuracy of tax prep software, didn't like the impersonal atmosphere of the national tax chains, and couldn't afford the prices of a traditional CPA firm. Astoria Tax Service met the need by providing knowledgeable and friendly income tax filing, all at a reasonable price. Since then the business has grown to serve taxpayers from multiple states and to encompass all areas of income, payroll, sales tax consulting . Whether you need your annual individual income taxes filed, or are dealing with a IRS notice, Astoria Tax Service can serve all your tax needs. Above all else, honesty and integrity is the service we provide.

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